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What if...Carolyn Y. Adams
Breast Cancer Foundation Scholarship info...

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What If… Carolyn Y. Adams Breast Cancer Foundation (WICYABCF), Envisions...


What If… Carolyn Y. Adams Breast Cancer Foundation (WICYABCF), Envisions that all individuals throughout the State of Illinois...


The WHAT IF…Scholarship Foundation is a national fund established by the family of CAROLYN Y. ADAMS. An advocate “ANGEL” of Breast Cancer who expressed her concerns about her own son (Tre’s) education. The fund will provide scholarships for the under-served, undergraduate students, especially to children who have lost a mother/parent and or legal guardian to breast cancer.Our goal in offering these scholarships is to
acknowledge these children through their parents/legal guardian's illness and award students who illustrate their ability to take an extremely difficult life experience, create a positive, character-building experience and to ensure the best possible future for themselves and encourage positive growth in the lives of others.